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If you have found your way to Find a Verse then you must be seeking out God's word. We
are so pleased to have you here. There is no greater way to invest your time than in the scriptures. We have all had times when we wanted to find a bible verse but couldn't remember the verse and chapter. We here at Find a Verse thought we would try to provide you a place where you can use those bits of information you can remember to find the bible verse you just couldn't. You can use our bible search feature to find a bible verse using only keywords. 

For example if you were trying to recall the verse below but could only remember a few words or even one word you could use Find a Verse and submit the words you know and it would show you all of the verses that contain those words. It works best if you start with as much as you know and gradually narrow it down. You should also use a part of the verse with a word that is not that common. In the verse below the phrase rightly dividing will get a better result than unto God because it is less common in the scriptures. 

  2 Timothy 2:15     Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth

Tips for searching with Find A Verse

Find exact chapters and/or verses by typing the book, chapter, and/or verse in the box. 

Example: John 3:16        Example: Revelation 1 

Find verses containing two or more words you want by typing them in, separated by a space. 

Example: Christ mercy 

Find verses containing an exact phrase by enclosing it in quotation marks. 

Example: "For God so loved the world" 

Find verses containing partial words by using the wildcard *. 

Example: love* (returns love, loves, loved, lovely, etc.) 

Find verses containing words keyed to specific Strong's numbers by using the # or ~ key followed by the number. Note that all Hebrew entries begin with a 0. 

Example: #0157